The Roov – Boys

There’s something so fun-loving and carefree, despite some lyrics that can come off as slightly worrying at times. Boys packs so much style and magic into its fairly standard runtime, it’s quite astounding. 

There’s a hell of a lot of expression on display, even the opening lyrics are straight into trying to woo a girl. Before you know it the track is in full swing, pounding drums and popping sound effects exploding all across the spectrum. 

With a lot of disco inspiration being put on display, the sound could easily be described as a rainbow effect of sounds splashing all over. The sheer volume of exploding synth and drums is almost overwhelming, but makes for an absolutely wild ride as you listen. 

Luckily the vocals make for an excellent base to build off of, never performing any over the top lyrical acrobatics, instead sticking to the jumping rhythm. It puts what would be a runaway train of a song back on track and keeps things even. The listener is never going to feel like they’re drowning in sound with the vocals giving that solid foundation. 

Sprinkle in some harmonies and vocal effects throughout and the track becomes this perfectly well rounded machine. It’s like the Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory for the ears, it’s so pleasant to listen to, full of fun, wonder, and life. It’s truly makes The Roov stand out in a great way.