The Rooves – Neighbourhood

Chesterfield’s The Rooves serve up a big slice of dreamy bedroom pop (with a dollop of soul) in new single ‘Neighbourhood’. It’s smooth yet bittersweet featuring guest vocals from musician Ayykuba.

From their beginnings at a sixth-form houseparty a couple of years ago – the female-fronted five-piece have stacked up quite the neat collection of quality tunes already – including 2018’s ‘Henstock’s’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ earlier this year.

This newest release, ‘Neighbourhood‘ (written and composed by the band via zoom calls) ponders breakups and fresh starts against the backdrop of a national lockdown. No doubt a relatable experience for many this year faced with being stuck in isolation and away from a lover. But despite feeling trapped, there’s a certain sanguine feeling to the track. An optimism that is evident in the mellow jazz-like sound.

Recorded at Neighbourhood Studios in Sheffield – Charlotte’s soulful vocals are backed by fuzzy guitars and bright trumpets. The verses reminisce over past conversations and the chorus sums up that isolated feeling of the past few months..
Spending time by myself like you said I should /
I’ve been caught in the middle of this neighbourhood”

It’s as if the song reads as an exchange between a broken-up couple – with Ayykuba’s verse feeling like a missed voicemail before he leaves the relationship – and perhaps the neighbourhood itself.
“Please don’t love me / I don’t know what to say / I might just run away..”

Ending with the fading melody and echoey vocals – there’s an almost ‘dream sequence’ vibe to the whole track. ‘Neighbourhood‘ gives us over three minutes of ironically upbeat heartbreak. A lulling yet lovely tune in the soundtrack of 2020.