The Rosadocs’ music fits the mould of the young indie band in today’s music industry. It would be easy for them to be just another Sheffield band, but with their latest single ‘Concrete’ they have found a way to stand out.

‘Concrete’ is a catchy indie rock song that is perfect to kick your shoes off and relax to, yet it would also have the whole crowd singing along to it. It is a shame the festival season is over as it would be great to hear this song live while seeing the sunset behind the stage, it just has that right kind of vibe.

As mentioned before the song’s upbeat rhythm is proper catchy, you’ll find yourself whistling away without even realising it. Soft guitar riffs mixed with a Yorkshire twang in the vocals make for a very enjoyable song that will have you wanting to listen to it over and over again.

 ‘Concrete’ sings about being there for your mates and them being there for you, it’s breath of fresh air to hear a song about being together rather than the bravado we hear in a lot of songs recently.

Some may criticize the song for being just another indie song, but I think that The Rosadocs have found something that works and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It will be interesting to hear how future releases sound but for now I’ll be whistling ‘Concrete’ for the next few days.