If you like your indie music to be anthemic and well-suited to live performances then look no further than the new release from Sheffield’s The Rosadocs.

Whilst I was by no means impressed by Oak Tree it blends together many elements that have given indie rock a centre-stage over the years. It’s a well-produced track picking out each instrument’s strengths with noisy lead guitars instructing the rest of the band to follow it.


The rhythm section are simple but do their main job of carrying the vocals along and help build a wall of noise in the chorus sections and add encouraging harmonies with audience cooperation in mind.

Oak Tree is like a tree and growing on it is nostalgia. The lyrics are reminiscent of times gone by which is becoming quite the cliché with modern indie rock, but at the same time there are relatable themes that many can take away from it and that’s really the song doing itself justice.

There are three concepts of indie music from the last 20 years that I come across in this song and that’s the safe rhythms, the drive, the bulk of the song which gives me a 90’s throwback. You have your happy-go-lucky lead guitar that was at the forefront of indie music in the 2000’s and putting those two together really give you the vibe of what a lot of current bands are pushing out at the moment.

It’s been a crowded market in the indie sphere for quite some time and I’m not really sure what can be done next to break the mould. Writing easy listening music is certainly one way to grab and audience though. The Rosadocs will know their audience and to that I tip my metaphorical hat.