The Roster – Masquerade

In an aim to break away from the typical indie mold and formula, The Roster and their single, Masquerade provide a slick and soulful musical direction.

The Derby four-piece have dropped most of their instruments with guitar and vocals being the only features in Masquerade. The track highlights the struggles upcoming bands have gone through during lockdown. Friends and musicians cannot be in the same room to write new material right now, so the process is spread out individually.

The band takes influence from acts such as The Courteeners and The Las with the latter being a more prominent track in what is The Roster’s most melodic track.

The melodies are warm and the tones of the picked guitars are soothing. If this is new nonconformist indie approach, I’m all for it.

To suitably match the softly played guitar work, the prominent northern vocals are met with charming harmonies. The vocals progress into an emotionally charged chorus with the guitars changing to upbeat chords. Whilst the chorus provides a change in direction, it’s comforting for the band to return to the harmonies.

The guitar feels like it’s taken the position of where a piano would usually be, but its much more effective with the vocalist’s range and the two compliment each other.