The Ruby Tuesdays – Rivers of Gold

Little shiny silver circles are out, big black liquorice ones are in. In an admirable move against the daily-commute-always-available-stuck-on-the-M62-waiting-in-the-doctors-surgery convenience of the Spotify stream Ruby Tuesdays double vinyl release is exclusive to the vinyl format, encouraging the listener to sit down and devote themselves.

The release will be accompanied by an exclusive ‘Zine’ – ‘The Tuesdays’ Guide To Self Destruction’ which will feature imagery and lyrics pertaining to the song, a throwback to the tactile and the tangible.

A classic rock-esque introduction opens Side A – with guitar lines reminiscent of Mötorhead’s Eddie Clarke, Mid 70’s guitar is played off against undeniably Gallagher brother vocal melodies. It’s always a little jarring to hear those familiar vocal patterns from any other band but Ruby Tuesdays have just about gotten away with it.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Side B of this release was a different band entirely – far removed from classic rock guitar – “Melancholy World” almost feels like Lucy In The Sky – minus that unmistakable Lowrey Organ. Production is brilliantly traditional, warm, considered, and there is plenty of air for the instrumentation to breathe. An exceptional live recording that’ll be well served once carved into an industrial grade Pontefract cake . Less is certainly more in this case and the mix serves the song well. Well strong this one.