The Ruby Tuesdays – Who You Running From

Fulfilling all your indie needs for the day, welcome The Ruby Tuesdays. Drawing influences from the 90’s era of brit pop, the rock n roll band from Blackburn were formed in 2016. Gaining a loyal fan base in their hometown of Blackburn, the band have played shows all over the country. With radio play for their previous discography, they’re an outfit that you won’t get tired of hearing.

In front of the cameras and behind the scenes, the band are down to earth and getting opportunities thrown at them, and I’m not surprised, they’re hugely talented. Sometimes indie rock can be predictable, but there’s something about the new single “Who You Running From” that will make you fall head over heels for the band. 

As a whole, the track feels like it’s teasing you and making you stick with the momentum of the track. Hook line being the prominent “who you running from” indicates the fast paced nature of the band. They look, they get and they deliver their tracks with energy.

Production wise, it’s gritty and full of clever shines. Improvement wise, I’d just say that it does fall slightly into a predictable category here and there, mainly because the instrumentation doesn’t go anywhere. Saying that, the band are young and eager to progress and we’re so glad to be able to stick with them on their journey to the top.