Shane Davis is a talented artist from across the ocean in Huntsville, Alabama. Combining country and southern rock, he brings a slow, tender vibe to his work.

“Going Underground” starts with a very country styled guitar utilising the classic hammer-ons and pull offs and showcasing the talent from the start. The vocals fit perfectly just riding the wave of the guitar, showcasing a morbid lyrical concept overtop. With lines like “I got more in common with the shadows on the wall”, it brings a melancholic overtone to the song over the calm instrumentation.

One of the main things I would compare this track to is a Cat Stevens song. With the slow, calming drums and homely acoustic guitar with little licks interspaced between the chords. The vocals are always going to seem more country, however, due to the accent, which gives it a very unique identity. Bringing to the table, a funky synth solo, it keeps in line with the style the song strives for.

Overall, I think this track does really well to blend the calm, soulful singing and the country style instrumentation. I wish the organ synth was a bit more forward in the mix, especially during the solo as it loses a bit of impact.

But as a whole, the song is like a calm float down a slow river, and I’d absolutely recommend if you enjoy anything discussed above.