The Shed Project – Do It

Bolton based five piece The Shed Project draw heavily on their Manc influences for their fourth single ‘Do It.’ Recorded by the band themselves in a shed, making the same of the band double up as a mission statement, the song has a distinct low-fi, DIY vibe to it.

A strong point of the track is the looping guitars and bass grooves, evoking a summery 90s rock feel and sounding like an early Stone Roses demo. The opening sounds almost have a 60s psych feel about them, whereas the guitar solo pulls on vintage rock’n’roll vibes. Though melodic and aspiring to embody careless indie swagger, ‘Do It’ is more of a straightforward rock track compared to the dreamy sounds on previous single ‘Lucky Number.’

Do It’ has got all the components of a classic rock sound to it but that recording quality feels lacking and the vocals don’t pack much of a punch, with the lyrics do lean a little on the cliché side.

However, it does show promising progression for a new band, especially one restricted by the confines of a global pandemic.