The Sheffield Beatles Project, behind the scenes of this amazing team.

Ben Eckersley, the Project’s musical director to introduce the band.

“We’re really proud to have Sheffield in our name. When we started the project in 2016 it was really important to us to bring together some of this city’s best musical talent so we could celebrate not just the brilliant music of The Beatles but also the best of our local scene. The lineup has changed once or twice but we’re very happy with where we’ve wound up – a nearly 30 piece group that represents literally dozens of current and former Sheffield acts.

Nick Cox, the Project’s initial driving force will be well known to many as singer and songwriter of Sheffield legends Screaming Maldini, and before that bassist for The Situationists.  More recently, he’s become a well-known record producer, making albums and EPs for the likes of Before Breakfast and Dead Slow Hoot. Our current line up of singers will be familiar to many in the city: Jack Weston, aka Kid Conventional is a legend of Sheffield’s folk scene, and he’s joined by musical polymath Conor Houston and Ad Follett, formerly of gone-but-never-forgotten bands including cats:for:peru and Pilosa. Our only singer who doesn’t like in the city is London-based singer-songwriter Laura James – though she still has a strong Sheffield connection as I’ve been playing cello in her live band for several years.

“Our core band line up is completed by Howard Price, alumni of many great Sheffield bands including Early Cartographers and Balor Knights, Phillippe Clegg, surely one of the most in-demand bassists in the city playing with some wonderful artists including Oh Papa, Rhiannon Scutt, Universal Tree and Franz Von, and drummer Dominic Ridler – a fantastic session musician, musical theatre performer member of Tales From The Hills.

“When I was bringing together the players for the Project’s orchestra it was a great pleasure to be able to bring in friends and colleagues picked up over many years’ working as a musician in the city – people like Hannah Beezer, my old bandmate from The Legend of the 7 Black Tentacles who plays now with Captain Avery & The Cosmic Triceratops Of Intergalactic Peace and Mango Rescue Team, or Katie Williamson, my current bandmate in Captives On The Carousel whose day job is working with Music In The Round putting on classical concerts in Sheffield. We’ve got the amazing Andrew Nesbitt and Nicholas Hart, two members of Renegade Brass Band, while our French horn players Chris Noble and Tom James are both part of Sheffield composers collective Platform Four

“There’s up to 20 people currently in the orchestra so it’ll take too long to list all their CVs… but here’s their names, look them up and see what they’re up to! On strings, we have Kat Hurdley, Thom Hetherington, Vicky Berry, Sam Paine, Katie Williamson, Abaigh McKee, Naomi Fearon, Charlie Hardwick and Tom Davies. On winds: Kaethe Uken, Betsy Middleton, Jess Jevon and Hannah Beezer, and on brass Duncan Vaughan, Andrew Nesbitt, Chris Noble, Tom James, Nicholas Hart, Harry Poxono and Emma Mitchell. 

“We’re really excited to be presenting two absolutely classic albums in December. It’ll be a brilliant night so we hope you can join us!”

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This will be ‘stupendously epic’ if last year’s The White Album triumph is anything to go by!