The Silver Lines – Roamer

Why don’t bands make singles at 2 minutes anymore? Some of the best acts of the 50s and 60s perfected the art of short, sharp songs that came in, got your hips and feet moving and left. No fancy tricks; no drawn-out solos; no meandering outros. Just a melody, a groove, and a bag of fun to grab your attention.

That’s what makes The Silver Lines’ “Roamer” such an enjoyable throwback. It’s a simple blast of energy full of clattering drums, grinding riffs and brattish vocals. In fact, for all its 60s garage leanings, the song most brings to mind The Fall at their earliest and most punk. Singer Dan Ravencroft’svocals are scarily reminiscent of Mark E Smith, his snarling tone threatening the listener constantly as he talks of a lonely wanderer walking the streets, forever struggling to make his way through life. 

The band themselves keep up a persistent stomp throughout, bashing out the most basic of indie thrashes with vigour and zeal. The guitar maintains a gnawing riff that grinds its way into your head, while the drums relentlessly maintain the insistent pace. It may be brash and simple, but so is everyone when they’re young, and that’s what makes it a joy to hear.