The Steady Letters – The Blue

Londoners The Steady letters conjure up all their explosive powers to produce this new track, which glitters with building rhythms that leave you powerless to resist its groove.

The Blue is a rock n roll track in every sense of the phrase. The thumping drums, the riffs and the plunge into the ‘chorus’ make every beat seemingly more meaningful than the last for this track that expands and becomes more adventurous as it goes on. It’s snappy, original, and instantly memorable, even in a market flooding with post-pandemic pop.

Some of theirs sounds have clear roots in classic rock, particularly the ever present sparkling riff which is unrelenting throughout. The real genius in their sound, though, is how they have taken this and wrapped it in their distinctly modern sound, and with it created a mini masterpiece. Building to a crescendo, dropping out, and building again; it has a real sense of structure whilst simultaneously maintaining the rawness that gives it such charm.

The anarchic organisation of this song feels particularly complex, and at times leaves you wondering what to pigeon hole their sound as, but there’s no time or need to, and you continue to marvel at it for what it is. Too jangly to be a rock track, too ‘classic’ to be an indie track. It matters nothing, Blue is a wonderful piece of song writing, and it needs to be heard.