The Strawberry Thieves – Keeping My Distance

Serving a fusion of experimental progressive pop – Leeds band The Strawberry Thieves release new track ‘Keeping My Distance’. 

Despite the title, the single (their second original release) isn’t actually lockdown-related. A crowd favourite from their live shows, the band used weird old 2020 to produce a fully recorded version – the result being over 4 minutes of groovy goodness.

With a steady rocking beat, snappy drums and biting guitars – this tune grabs you by the collar from the start. Upbeat and danceable – it’s a tale of optimism at the prospect of a new relationship with all the nerves that go with that scenario. Lead singer Donovan Jones’ crooning vocals sing of holding back and learning to commit.

Never get close while I’m keeping my distance”

With punchy chant-like backing vocals and intricate twirling guitar riffs – it’s easy to understand why this track has been a live favourite for the band. It’s VERY catchy and is bound to have at least your toe tapping if not your whole self up on that dancefloor.  

With the return of gigs coming, it’d be interesting to see The Strawberry Thieves perform this on stage as its clearly a track designed for an audience to be screaming back the chorus at them. Until then, this tune is guaranteed to be stuck in your head!