The Taboos – Innovative Thinking

East London pop-rockers The Taboos return with their new single, taking on the detrimental effects
of technology through their melodic indie sound (think Black Mirror but with sliding guitar solos).

This new track, Innovative Thinking, is perhaps more ambitious that what we have seen from them
previously, but they stick to the formula or harmonious vocal patterns and anthemic choruses that
have already served them well. It is a clean, very slick sounding track pushed along by punchy guitar
riffs and all held together by quite soft, soothing layered vocals.

It feels like a clear move towards allowing more of a pop influence to escape into their modern indie
sound, and in terms of keeping their sound fresh and exciting, it certainly works. They have,
however, managed to retain those fiery, infectious rhythms that we have come to expect from them
now, and to dismiss the idea of it being ‘poppier’ as a bad thing will not serve you well in this case.

Don’t be fooled by the funkier infusion that have used in this one though, this is still and complex,
and deeply meaningful song. Through it, the boys take a cynical view of the impact that the growing
sphere of technology in all of our lives has had on us. They describe the track as demonstrating their
ideology that “human emotion is decreasing, turning our individual life experiences somewhat
robotic”. They present themselves almost as the non-violent Unabombers of indie-pop, which is not
a line I ever thought I’d use to describe a band, but am glad I now can.

Anyway, back to their sound. It certainly feels like a brave move to step somewhat away from their
previous tracks and explore a slightly different avenue of sound, but for me, that is what makes this
their most impressive song yet. Innovative Thinkers feels like a culmination of everything they have
done previously, taking the best bits and discarding others in order to try new things. The layering,
the production, the composition all feel meticulously worked out, and the outcome of it is a very
impressive final product. A roaring success.

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