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10. MC Hammer – “Addams Groove”


MC Hammer spent much of his music career telling us “U can’t touch this” when in reality, there were things he also shouldn’t have touched like The Addams Family soundtrack. The music video features the cast of the movie and Hammer busting out some already seen dance moves in this cheap cash grab of a song. Most of the song involves inaudible fast rapping and listing the characters of the family and like Prince’s ‘Batdance’ sometimes these catchy hip-hop tracks take away any spooky feeling the films had before.

9. Tom Saint – “Halloween Xxxmas”

Is it a Christmas song? Is it a Halloween song? I’m not quite sure seeing as the song is about a break up. Incorporating the idea that Halloween creates bad connotation, this slow emo-core rap piece continues with the same beat throughout in a genre that was butchered from its inception.

8. Blink 182 – “Ghosts On The Dancefloor”

What sounds like a bad Angels & Airwaves song has one of Blink 182’s worst sounding guitar moments. The tone and continuous verse riff feel so lackluster and Tom Delonge seems like he’s pushing Delonge-isms too much with his customary ‘Tonight’ said over and over again. Blink 182 in their prime once wrote a great eerie track in “Miss You” and it’s hard to say if they’ll ever capture that magic again.

7. David & Roxana – “The Rocky Horror Disco Show”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack is one of the best parts of the Halloween and the movie is one of the greatest musicals I’ve ever seen. However, this 9-minute disco edit full of extracts from the movie’s songs by German duo David & Roxana is uncomfortable and just littered with unnecessary samples. It’s a condensed extract of what you can expect from Rocky Horror and quite it’s just better to listen to the originals.

6. Fred Schneider – Monster

Lets just say the B-52’s Fred Schneider isn’t very subtle about the context of the song. I’ll leave you with the opening line: “There’s a monster in my pants.” You can gather the rest of what this song is about.

5. The Fat Boys – Are You Ready For Freddy?

Another unnecessary hip-hop track for a Halloween movie. If you want a good Freddy Krueger song, I recommend listening to “A Nightmare On My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince. This track which was for A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master sees actual Freddy, Robert Englund rapping at the end of the track which I don’t think any of us needed to hear.

4. Broken Peach – “This Is Halloween (cover)”

I don’t what’s going on here, but I think it’s hard-rock cover with terribly dubbed guitars will give me more nightmares than any horror movie. The vocal work is alright and the costume choices fit the mood… but maybe not the fact it’s filmed in some random woods with no special effects kind of takes away the spooky feeling. I’m sure This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas has been covered many a time, sometimes good and sometimes bad, well here is one of the bad ones.

The All-American Rejects – “Jack’s Lament (cover)”

Another Nightmare Before Christmas cover and this time on a much more professional level. A track that came out many years after the re-release of the original soundtrack which included features from Marilyn Manson and Fall Out Boy takes away any feeling that the original piece displayed. Jack’s Lament is supposed to be a deep piece orchestrating Jack’s desire for something more and I think Danny Elfman’s delivery is much more fitting than this overly-dramatic vocal delivery from Tyson Ritter. Whilst the band have written some decent pop punk tracks in their time, this softer moment is best looked over.

2. Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett – MONSTER RAP

Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett is best known for his infamous Halloween classic ‘Monster Mash’. This 1983 sequel to that track is one of those moments where you ask, was this remake necessary? The track features moments of the original with added beats and crony synths. Frankenstein’s Monster won’t stop rapping and must be stopped and I was thankful when this piece came to an end. It’s a real horrorshow.

  1. Alvin & The Chipmunks/Chris Classic – Witch Doctor

The original Witch Doctor song from the 50’s isn’t a personal favourite of mine, but I have to say this notorious butchering from the Alvin & The Chipmunks’ Movie is quite honestly one of the most annoying pieces of music I’ve ever heard. With it’s 21st century pop style and rapping added to the mix, it highlights a time in music I try to forget. Maybe I’m not the target audience for the movie, but I still had to hear the song in a lot of places.