The top 5 Budget Effects Pedals for Guitar and Bass

Effects pedals lie at the heart of every performer’s arsenal. Homing in on your personal tone can be a hard task. Furthermore, often many effects pedals can be confusing and expensive. So, in order to help budding musicians and professional alike, here are 5 of the best budget effects pedals for guitar and bass. All under £100, these pedals will have you sounding like the next Slash, ready to blow away your audience.

  1. Donner DT-1

With so many sounds ranging from distortion-to-phaser, chorus-to-fuzz, it can sometimes be overlooked to buy a tuner pedal. This can be your greatest downfall. No matter your ability or skill, you should always be in tune. The Donner DT-1 is a great option for this. For only £16.99 it can keep you playing great and in the correct pitch. A 9-volt, true bypass system with LCD display, the DT-1 has been frequently praised by experienced players. Saying the Donner is a perfect middle ground between the technically confusing and downright terrible alternative products on the market. Compared to the likes of the classic Seiko tuner, this pedal is reliable and cheap.

  1. TC Electronic Spark

Now you’re all tuned up, you may find that you need an extra bit of juice for the show and require a boost to your performance. Here is where the TC Electronic spark can really be your magnum opus. Allowing you to push your single coils into a pair of hum-buckers, the Spark is a catalyst for your sound. With the ability to dial in accurate control to your tone through a three-way selector; allowing for a range of capabilities. Along-side an active EQ and true bypass control, this pedal will add that crunchy edge you’ve been looking for.

  1. Behringer Graphic EQ

Remaining on the road to tone, you can’t go wrong with using an equalizer pedal. Allowing the user to alter their tone to give it an extra shine, but with precision. In the studio you may have access to an array of equalizing privileges but on stage there is no better option than the Behringer Graphic EQ. Offering 7 bands of EQ with frequency ranges from 100hz to 6.4khz; this pedal lets you design your tone from ground up. On top of this, the unit is powered by 9 volts and being able to use it on keyboard is an additional crowd pleaser too.

  1. Ditto Looper

Fifteen years ago, looper pedals would have been non-existent on the pedal boards of performing musicians. However, thanks to the likes of artists such as Ed Sheeran and Funke and the Two-Tone Baby, loopers have entered the mainstream. Now often a staple of the pedal board, loopers allow the user to create the full band experience with only one member. Revolutionising the way people create music, it has become and essential tool to songwriters and soloists alike. With many iterations on the market, it can be hard to find what you are looking for; but look no further than the Ditto Looper. Small, light and compact, this pedal is simple to use and gets the job done. No longer must you mess around with confusing and expensive alternatives but with the Ditto you can be looping with ease. Featuring true bypass, 5 minutes of looping and 24-bit uncompressed audio the Ditto looper is an excellent choice for those looking to explore the world of loopers.

  1. Joyo Future Chorus

Perhaps one of the cutest pedals ever, the Joyo Future Chorus provides fluorescent tones without sacrificing sound quality. The JF-316 comes from the 3rd generation of ironman pedals and is considered by many to provide the ideal sound from the 80s. Featuring true bypass, as well as level, depth and rate controls; the future chorus is a genuine sweetheart when it comes to producing a lush and fascinating tone. It’s perfect for captivating your audience and bringing a splash of syrup to your playing. Taking up as little space as possible, this pedal is only 7cm tall and 4cm wide, allowing you to equip it to your board without hindering your arrangement too much.

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