Whether you are a band starting out, or just someone that wants to see where all the fantastic new music is emerging from, it’s always helpful to know the major cities putting forward new music. Some of the aspects taken into consideration for this list are: venues, promoters, new artists and the crowds.

  1. Manchester

It’s no surprise Manchester is at the top of the list. When it comes to new music, they are leagues above anywhere in the UK. With a wide variety of good, artists, such as IST IST, Corella and Working Men’s Club, Manchester is constantly pushing forward the new wave. That’s only mentioning young talent. Promoters set around Manchester are almost always in with the young bands pushing them forward. And to round things out, the endless depth of venues including such diverse settings as: Gorilla, Night and day cafe, and Deaf institute.

2. London

As a second option, although quite a hard hurdle to climb, is London. As the largest city in the UK, it has to be high on this list. Hosting a tonne of industry experts due to the location, London is a city where music may not be valued as highly, but is a must go if you are a young artist wanting to branch out. A good selection of venues in 100 club, a tonne of academies and big venues to sink your teeth into, the city offers a good wide selection of young bands jumping around the UK.

3. Sheffield

Maybe as a bit of personal bias, but if Sheffield wasn’t on this list, I’d have done the job wrong. Sheffield is a smaller, undeveloped version of Manchester in most aspects, apart from the music. With fantastic venues like Leadmill, Sidney and Matilda and Foundry, Sheffield is hard to fault. Add to this, the many many new artists coming out of Sheffield. Bands like SHEAFS, The Reytons, and The Seamonsters are forming the many different avenues of new musics.

4. Glasgow

Once again, as one of the larger cities in the UK, it is hard to compete. But with not only that but the venue quality of other places, Glasgow has a good time competing. Holding a timeless venue like King Tut’s wah wah hut, and one of the best crowds in any country, Glasgow is a hard hitter in most regards. Being the hometown of such bands as CHVRCHES and The Lapelles, it’s clear to see the talent in this area is not lacking in the slightest.

5. Birmingham

Finally, Birmingham has got a solid spot for the next big music city in my eyes. With bands nearby like The Pagans S.O.H and Lady Sanity, it is where the next huge wave of music is going to look for inspiration. On the venue front is nothing special to look at, but with the diversity from within Birmingham, it truly shows off the best of several influences of music and is just waiting to fuse them.

There’s my top list for musical cities around the UK. I’d love to hear the discussion around this and any cities that you think I have missed off or put on that don’t deserve it!