The Top Five Albums of 2019

The final year of this decade that everyone is calling the ..???? hasn’t delivered many masterpieces, especially for those not heavily won over by solo artists and Grime. But although the mainstream has for the moment turned its back on rock bands, for those who enjoy scratching at the surface can still find a few treasures.

Here are my top five albums of the year:

Self Esteem – Compliments Please

Just a few years back Rebecca Taylor was drumming and strumming her way through anti-folk anthems with Slow Club. Who would have expected such a reinvention as Taylor now finds herself on stage around the country breaking into dance routines whilst singing some of the smartest modern-pop music of 2019? All due to her debut ‘Compliments Please‘. 

Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Am I allowed to live in a world where ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost‘ is just one double album? The Foals’ fifth album is the former Math rocker’s most ambitious record to date. This band has used their safety net of their previous success to express themselves to the full. Creating infectious melodies whilst not becoming too pretentious – where will Foals go next? 

Plastic Mermaids – Suddenly Everyone Explodes

Isle of Wight’s finest musical wizards finally released their debut record after extensive touring and releasing EP’s for the last five years. The quintet must be getting tired of being compared to The Flaming Lips meets Tame Impala, but it’s a pretty accurate comparison. This debut will surely become a launch pad into a bright future. 

Lizzo – Cuz I Love You

It’s been a long road to becoming an overnight sensation, but Lizzo has suddenly become 2019’s most exciting pop star. A charismatic atom bomb who is body positive, sassy and musically gifted. She has a bag of killer singles on her debut. Think mid 80’s Prince but with more flute. 

Sundara Karma – Ulfilas’ Alphabet

I assumed that their second album was going to take the country by storm. Maybe Sundara Karma fans weren’t ready from the transition from fresh-faced indie band into high glam electro-pop- and found it all just a little bit too weird for their generation? But do we really desire another Circa Waves sound-a-like? We deserve better and ‘Ulfilas’ Alphabet ‘ is the most exciting surprise of the year. 


RGM would also like to tip it’s hat to Fountaines DC, Deja Vega and The Murder Capital for making fantastic albums too