The Trend – Bella Vega

Whilst the artwork for this record hurts my eyes, the sound it produces doesn’t hurt my ears. Manchester power-pop group, The Trend, present to us their new studio album ‘Bella Vega’ which is a classic album full of rock goodness.  

What we have here are five very experienced musicians making tasteful classic rock music. There are plenty of moments throughout this record that scream 60’s and 70’s rock ‘n roll with influences including The Stranglers, Squeeze and a dabbling of Electric Light Orchestra.  

The vocal harmonies are tastefully put together and each instrument grabs your attention throughout the record with everyone finding their place in the tracks.  

Whilst I can’t imagine many young folk and even including myself being really hooked on this record, I can imagine The Trend know their audience well and those who grew up in the 70’s classic rock era and those who still enjoy it now will love this record as it really captures that time.  

The tracks are accessible and sound fresh and exciting with the opening track ‘Good Friend’ blending together a tasty bass guitar riff and dominating guitar riff. From the offset you can tell this will be a guitar-focused record and in addition a beautiful mixture of vocal harmonies.  

Although ‘Twists Slowly (Theme)’ is a short and passing moment in the album, the later reprise has a more bass-driven side to the album and plenty of hard-rock experimentation and flying solo riffs. 

‘Kindly Leave The Stage’ has great drum patterns to open up into an explosion of classic rock with the vocal recordings really leaving a lasting impact on the track. You get the feeling of balance when hearing the vocals for both experience and home-brewed styling.  

There’s a real mixture of styles throughout Bella Vega with ‘Tune Me In (Remix)’ having groovy rhythm and exciting lead licks, ‘Keep On Running’ having dancing riffs with a classic 60’s rock ‘n roll mood that also descends into a psychedelic fairground moment and ‘Vote For Me’ sounding like a smooth reggae rock track.  

The album has a mixture of fast and slow, technical and riff heavy tunes and The Trend showcase their experience and instrumental capabilities well hear. Whilst it doesn’t feel like the band bring anything new to the table, they keep the classic sound of 70’s hard rock alive and give their own contribution to a time where rock ‘n roll ruled the world.