The Ultra Violets release their new single – Watergate Bay

It’s easy to be convinced by the opening of this track that you’re getting yourself into a soft acoustic song. But do not be deceived, because 20 seconds later, everything kicks in and it becomes apparent that you’re listening to a potential indie banger.

This indie banger is the new single ‘Watergate Bay’, from Cornwall’s most exciting new five-piece The Ultra Violets.

When we reviewed their previous release ‘Romance’, the point was made that the band’s music may be labelled as ‘familiar’. That doesn’t mean to say it’s completely unoriginal. However, we have definitely heard an indie track with a pulsing tambourine and the odd elongated ‘woah’, and that’s no different with ‘Watergate Bay’.

Nevertheless, the band eventually show what else they have in their musical locker at the last minute (and I literally mean the last minute). All of a sudden there’s a change in pace. This slower turn sets it up for a big finish to send it home, and it makes the song.

If there’s one impression you’ll get from listening, whether it’s a tad familiar or not, is that ‘Watergate Bay’ is definitely a crowd-pleaser. It isn’t hard to imagine a wave of people jumping along to this one as a surge of vocal support makes its way back to the stage.

It looks like the crowds will only get bigger too. Already, the Cornish band have played to 6,000 people at Eden Sessions in support of McFly. It’s safe to say The Ultra Violets are on the way up, and there’s no stopping them.