The Ultra Violets – Romance

Exploding out of its starting blocks, ‘Romance’ wastes little time in establishing its anthemic and optimistic aesthetic. Wearing its influences clearly, echoes of the likes of Stereophonics, Ash or even Idlewild are never far from the surface, but that doesn’t mean to say The Ultra Violets lack a sound of their own.

Indeed, though ‘Romance’ might feel familiar, it’s far from derivative. Instead, it succeeds in marrying both Britpop’s boundless optimism against the grubby and guttural realism of ‘00s indie pop. And though the two genres might well share different aspirations in that regard, both sought to provide listeners with a feeling of escape from everyday life.

It’s exactly this that ‘Romance’ taps into as well. A feeling that despite the UK is seemingly going to shit one Government announcement at a time, everything will be okay as long as the sun’s shining and we’ve got mates and guitars.

And though there will be hipsters and music snobs that turn their respective noses up at the sheer accessibility of ‘Romance’,  we dare you to get to the end of the three minute run time and not feeling completely and utterly uplifted.