The Vaporatix – Eternal Night

Bristol duo The Vaporatix are set to release their debut album, ‘Eternal Night’, this July. The duo is a collaborative audio project, made up of artists Dan Moxham and Stu Morgan. The Vaporatix originated as an audio, visual project when last year’s lockdowns were coming in at full force and from there a concept started to form around pandemic and a sci-fi retelling of the events and that is how ‘Eternal Night’ came to life.

The album opens with ‘Phantom Cosmonaut’, is a near 3-minute long instrumental number, opening the album with soft guitar and a faint sound which can only be compared to what you would imagine a UFO coming to earth would sound like, it really sets the tone for the album, however it is left open to interpretation, allowing the listener to build their own story around the aforementioned concept.

Second song ‘Terraform’, once again features strong instrumentation. It differs a lot from the previous track, with quiet, altered vocals which linger at the back of the track almost as if to foreshadow events that will follow. This track feels as if it is meant to signify the bleak moments before the lockdowns, where everyone was living in fear of what could possibly follow.

Each track on Eternal Night seems to differ from those prior to it, ‘Neon Detonator’ is not different. This number sees The Vaporatix take a more upbeat turn, with this track feeling as to be one of the standout pieces on this album. It features the robotic lyrics from the previous track yet merges them with new sounds which add to the chaos of it all. ‘Neon Detonator’ is a unique, high power song which will feel right at home on a work-out playlist.

The effects used on this album are where it excels the most, ‘Red and Gold’ introduction allows the listener to be transported to outer space before introducing you to more realistic, human, vocals. ‘If You Survive’ is a darker number, made true by the sound effects that come to life in the hands of Dan Moxham.

‘Door’ is another gloomy number, featuring strong guitar lines and realistic vocals from Stu Morgan which see the listener dragged back down to earth. It feels like the centrepiece of the album, becoming the first song to signify a change in pace on Eternal Night. ‘Door’ is another strong track and possibly the best-produced number upon this album. If you are to listen to one song separately from the rest of this album, let this be it.

With ‘Rose’, The Vaporatix introduce catchy lyrics that are sometimes overshone by the instrumentation. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though it would be nice to see Stu Morgan’s vocals come to the centre stage. The instrumentation on this track is really stunning however, a much more mellow track in comparison to those that proceed it on the first half of the album.

‘Final Transmission’ then closes the album, another heavily sci-fi inspired track allowing The Vaporatix to really show what they are capable of. This song is a perfect fit for a movie soundtrack, it is another instrumental track that sees the duo really excel, this one is quite relaxing to listen to and closes the album in a way that allows listeners to reflect on the chaos that happens before it.

Eternal Night is a strong concept album, with The Vaporatix putting a twist on events that we have all lived through. Instrumentally is where the duo really excel, and I would advise people to listen to this album based on those alone. The vocals encapsulated by this album are strong yet distorted and in further releases, it would have been nice to see those come through further.