If heart pounding rock is your thing. Check out The Velvicks.

Bringing a touch of 90s grunge to their distinctive version of hard rock with their new release ‘LDNYC’.

The Brooklyn based four-piece have brought you their version of a Covid-19 song. Yes, I know another song about the lockdown. But bear with me and actually check the song out, it’s definitely different to any you’ve previously heard. The fast-paced narrative is raw and sets the scene in New York City as they headed into lockdown earlier this year. The confusing and uncertain situation facing the world and lead vocalists Vick Nader’s interpretation of it all as he attempted to deal with the mental implications of being locked in. “I haven’t seen the sun in a few days”.

Originally from Brazil, the band consisting of Vick (Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist), Aoena (bass), Vinny (lead guitar), ED (drums) were scouted by a booking agent at one of the legendary party gigs they used to throw in ED’s basement aka ‘MONROE MANSION’, and eventually they moved to NYC where they have dominated the scene. But now ‘The Velvicks’ are ready to bring their self phrased “Stadium style rock to your pocket”. Which is exactly what they have done with their latest EP ‘RUN’.

The energy pulses from the get-go and the high energy feels and anthemic riffs will have you reaching for your air guitar to rock along. Check out their lyric video for ‘LDNYC’ here 👇