The Violet Stones – Pin

The Violet Stones are back with their sophomore album ‘PIN‘. Clearly stating that grunge rock is far from over, The Violet Stones showcase in ‘PIN’ that grunge is simply just evolving. Evolving into a violet stone you may say, ‘PIN’ was recorded in front woman Sarah Jane’s home studio, and was further mixed and mastered by Benedikt Hain. As their second album in two years, The Violet Stones may still be at the beginning of their careers, but the world is simply their oyster.

‘PIN’ is a transcending release filled with grunge, nu-metal, punk rock and alternative rock sensibilities. Exploring intricate storytelling and relatable statements throughout the album, lead songwriter Sarah Jane is also a solo artist in her own right and brings a stunning presence to the band. With the most common theme from the album is about being a woman, neck-deep in the music industry, this refreshing young band are bound to be the new face of grunge.

Adventuring through euphoric chord progression’s and highly energetic charisma, the overall album transports listeners back to the simple times of the 90s. Bringing their own refreshing individuality into the mix, their vivid imagination is painted onto a blank canvas creating distinctive textures and blissful melodies.

The Violet Stones are loud, mature and gifted.