The Voice 2020 candidate Adam Howarth should get a wild card! You in?

Adam Howarth is a talent, we can all see that, we believe he should get a wildcard after not being put through on the show, let’s meet Adam and have a chat about him and his time on the show.

Reyt then let’s cut to the chase, why the voice?

It all started with a chat with our lass, I was telling her that I wasn’t bothered about music that much anymore, to then get told I needed to have one more crack!!

She mentioned going on “one of these shows” to which I replied if it’s any it’s the voice!!

I bet you would nail that top note 9/10 times what happened?

The second I put my foot on the backstage steps my mouth went dry, on the lead up to it I’d nailed it 5/6 times that day but when I sang the lyric before it I knew… obviously I still had to go for it but it just cracked! I think it was a mixture of nerves and potentially being a little burnt out vocally haha! 

Disclaimer, I’ve known you for years and music has always been a part of your life, why is that?

It started when I was a kid, my dads mate Ron had a guitar and every time we went to their house I would look at it. 

One day I turned to my dad and said I want to play guitar!

I used to wash and hoover his and my mums car out every week for a fiver and I saved and saved till I got £30 together (which is hard at that age when you’re wanting to buy sweets with every penny) so I said to my dad “Dad I’ve got £30 can I get a guitar?” He said, “I’ll have a look” to this day I know it cost more than £30 but he saw that id worked for it so I got my guitar. Then he said who’s going to teach you??? I said your mate Ron!! He laughed at first but then it happened!

I would go on a Wednesday night for a guitar lesson and my tea! I suppose I owe it to them and my mum as they always knew it was something I really wanted to be able to do, then it took over my life and was all I thought about! 

What is the most frustrating thing trying to make a crust in the music industry?

The fact that Venues don’t pay! They only give you some dollar if it’s ticketed!! And you flog a load of tickets! Other than that you get the same old shit! “It’s great exposure” but you turn up and play to the bar staff because they expect you as the artist to promote it for them too!! 

As an artist, I’ve played a ridiculous amount of gigs for free and in my opinion, it’s not on!! You’re not just paying for someone to play tunes, your paying for years and years of hard work and the money they have spent on these gigs is unreal!! Guitar?? £500 strings??£15 hours spent learning the craft?? Priceless!! 

Never mind if they don’t drive and they’ve got gear! they have to book taxis so they’re out of pocket before they start!!

Not so long ago you hung up your guitar for good, what made you pick it up again?

I remember hanging it up, a year passed and it was the anniversary of my dad’s death so I wanted to do something near that time for that,

After the gig I got another little buzz from people and I suppose it gave me back some hunger! 

What’s been the most exciting part of being a musician?

The people, I’ve come across musicians that have gone on to play stadium gigs (catfish and the Bottlemen) and come across people who are just starting out.

If anything you meet great people, music lovers, critics, football crowds, piss heads, you name it!! It’s all part of a wonderful life journey!! 

What was the day of the live blinds like? Talk me through it?

Very stressful for me, a lot of waiting around and kept in rooms, I’m like letting 12 Monkeys out of a tin so you can imagine how agitated I got haha.

When it was moving though it was all moving, the work that goes into the show is unreal! 

Other than that all I wanted was a pint to chill out but that’s frowned upon on tv ha! 

Is Emma Willis a proper top nice lass in real life?

I met Emma and sat with her for a while for a chat, all I can say is she genuinely reeked of wonderful. She comes across as a really caring person and has time for anyone she talks to. 

Shame she couldn’t have had a word in the coaches ear ole eh?? 

How did it make you feel when Olly Murs  acknowledged that he made a mistake not putting you through?

It’s all still surreal now to be honest, it’s great that he thinks that and I love the fact he took to Twitter to tell the world also! He’s since tweeted saying it’s a great song so who knows!! 

Your new single is out soon, tell me about how the song came about? 

I started writing it about a year or two ago and never really finished it.

I was going through some things and the lyrics just started flowing I suppose.

I always write from the heart in a sense but that’s not how I intend to write songs!

I want to write music that gives the listener a moment out of their normal life, take you away and you relate it to what you want to relate it to, if it takes you back to a time you felt loved or lost and it may be even set off a daydream, that’s the place to be for the music I hope! 

About 10 months ago I had it finished and really felt like it was something special…

For me, it was definitely always going to be single and now I’m getting to release it!!

I’ve worked with a good friend of mine Ross Hooley in order to get it right so it’s where I want it to be! 

I’m really excited about its release and hope everyone loves it like I do!! 

Can you all click on the Olly Murs twitter link above, that will take you to his twitter feed and tell him to give Howarth a wild card.. GO.