The Wired – Better Man

Northern lads The Wired are back after their long-awaited return. After not releasing music for a year, 26th April will hear the lively “Better Man” and radio impact strikes 31st May.

Taking another step into deep songwriting and a brighter production, the track isolates the feeling of wanting to get out of a dark period in your life. An excess lean towards becoming the best version of yourself, The Wired have hit a ‘close to home’ subject that many listeners will find relatable.

Full of life and energy, Better Man has a wondrous sound that will be stuck in your head for weeks upon weeks. Not complaining though, it really is a terrific track from the band.

Putting a happy sound to a dark subject is an opposite kind of effect. Imagery of losing an endless battle with your own mind is portrayed with great ease, but reminds you of the hidden darkness. Connecting all the wires, the track an that energetic vibe. Nostalgic, the arrangement is easy to listen too.

As a whole, the track is fairly simple but it does feel like it lacks something more exciting. Maybe perhaps taking the song down an avenue of an instrumental break highlighting a dream like guitar solo? Repetition sponsors the track and definitely leaves you singing along to the words. You won’t be getting them out of your head anytime soon. Overall, it’s great to hear such a young, vibrant band enjoy what they’re doing and to watch them develop as musicians.