The Wraiths – Only You Know

There’s certainly a down-home kind of feel to Only You Know. Whether it’s the strong Northern accent or the American inspired guitars that grab your attention, Only You Know is worth the listen.

Immediately you’re hit with these deep chords that are full of grit, taking a very western style in the delivery, with big twanging notes and bass that’s so deep it’s like a heartbeat. With this borderline desert rock style in the thumping drums and strumming guitar notes, it’s a slight shock when the lyrics do enter the scene. 

Given that The Wraiths hail from Pontefract and Doncaster, the pieces begin to fall into place when this thick Northern accent suddenly takes centre stage. It is a slightly jarring when you expect some gruff American to take up the singing, only to be met with a Northern bloke with a smooth voice instead. But once that initial moment passes, The Wraiths frontman settles in comfortably. 

It’s a strong performance that actually suits the style incredibly well. The almost monotone and disinterested style ooze with an old school kind of British punk rock and indie rock. It makes for a distinct kind of delivery that’s unique to The Wraiths. 

There is some contention to be made though, when it comes to the vocal delivery. For some people who are used to rougher lyrical performances, particularly the more harsh vocals of punk and metal, there’ll be little issue with listening to the lyrics. But for people who look for more clean vocals, they may be struggling to hear what exactly is being said. It’s by no means a criticism, the frontman owns it and delivers a great performance. But it may be off-putting for others who don’t want a deep, brooding, and gritty performance.

Only You Know is a strong track, full of mystery and style. The music and lyrics both carry this powerful balls to the wall style that cares little what you think. And it’s within this ‘don’t care’ attitude that The Wraiths really begin to show what they’re capable of, and what’s to come following this strong debut.