The Year In Pictures – Wasting My Time

Entering with a hypnotic guitar riff that’s fuelled with garage rock sensibilities, The Year In Pictures’ Wasting My Time‘ is like Mac DeMarco showed up at a Queens of the Stone Age, got drunk and had a jam, which could never be a bad thing, right?

As the first single from their upcoming EP ‘Alternative Endings’, the track was co-produced by Dalton Allison of Post Animal. With all recordings done at home (as most things are nowadays ay?), the stems were then sent to Dalton who then mixed and mastered the entire project.

A powerful side for a trio, what makes the song stand out from all other alternative rock tracks at the moment is the calm vocals guide throughout. Xav’s distinctive vocals could be heard from miles away and you’d still know it’s Xav’s.

The instrumentation isn’t completely polished, giving it that true garage rock vibe, and in today’s limelight, that’s really refreshing.

Usually, everything’s over-produced and lacking a true ‘human’ feel, whereas ‘Wasting My Time’ showcases that sometimes, imperfections really are perfections.

Simplicity can be key in any type of release or genre, and The Year In Pictures’ new release has definitely turned up expectations for any sort of future release.