Thea Marie ft the Dunwells – Settle Down Love

Velvety vocals command the beginning half of the ‘Settle Down Love’, accompanied by rich and warm piano chords played in a modern pop-ballad style akin to the works of John Legend and Sam Smith. The vocals follow a relatively slow, simplistic melody that compliments the tone of Théa Marie’s inviting voice. The verse flows pleasantly into the chorus which again follows a simplistic and slightly predictable, poppy melody. Though the chorus’s impact feels a little restricted, it’s melodies continue to be complimented heavily by Théa Marie’s vocals whilst leaving ample room for development throughout the music.

The second verse sees a standard on-the-beat bass drum build up behind a melodious arrangement of hummed harmonies, channelling a slight air of Billie Eilish’s musical ASMR techniques. The additional layers in the second verse provide the song with a little more substance, decorating the linear melodies with an arrangement of satisfyingly sweet auditory. The aesthetic use of reverberated effects on both instrumental and vocal elements adds a little more thickness to the song too, providing an established weight to the music.

After the slightly larger second chorus, the middle eight replaces the piano with the lighter use of acoustic guitar chords. Creating an exposed arrangement, the music provides space for the vocals to take a more commanding standpoint and Théa Marie takes full advantage of this. Seeing her vocals transform from a soft legato to an authoritative powerhouse certainly gifts the music with an atmospheric glow of excitement. Seeing her display a contradictory side of her vocals is certainly inviting- performing with a fierce power whilst still pushing her glossy tone certainly boosts the track’s energy.

Though the overall sound of ‘Settle Down Love’ isn’t extravagantly distinct, the slight indie-folk twist in the music paired with its appealing production and vocal development creates an engaging and welcoming air.