Third Lung – Nowhere Left to Hide

Quickly becoming a strong asset to Reading’s music scene, Third Lung unleashes the beast that is ‘Nowhere Left to Hide‘. Gaining support from BBC Introducing, Classic Rock Magazine, BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio to name a few, it will come at no surprise that this band will have their name in neon within a matter of months.

A melancholic track that feels like it’s been transported straight from the 90s, the political presence in ‘Nowhere Left to Hide’ is poised with strength but confusion. Confusion as to what may be around the corner, the track explores standing up for yourself but saying the right thing.

Lead singer Tom Farrelly’s vocals in ‘Nowhere Left to Hide‘ are truly breathtaking. Gradually building throughout the number, the uproar from his range will leave you with goosebumps. Simply spine-tingling, the passion in this track should be shouted from every rooftop in the UK.

‘Nowhere Left to Hide‘ also adventures into our current world. A world fuelled with controversial memes and watered down music. Exclaiming that people are angry, and needed to be heard, the track narrates assembling as a world and getting along. Third Lung are a hopeful band with their fingers crossed that the world will heal.

There’s no crossing your fingers for this band, they’re assured to have a remarkable future ahead.