This Feelings Big in 2020 – RATS / FEVER / The Peach Fuzz / Saytr Play / BINES / The Claremonts / Dollie Demi / The Crooks – The Bread Shed Manchester Jan 18

There is an amazing pre-gig atmosphere at The Bread Shed, with everyone singing along to the music in the background. Tonight’s gig is all about finding a band to watch out for in this coming year. The Crooks start the night with a bang an awe-inspiring drum solo, which leads into Gallagher-esque vocals.

The band continue their set with anthemic tunes, which captivate the audience. It’s almost like hypnotism. They may be young, by the looks of it, they already have a strong future ahead of them.

Dollie Demi enter with their infamous heavy bass lines, and high pitched rock vocals. Their songs draw in new fans, and her (the lead singer’s) voice is phenomenally well suited to the music they’re creating. The sounds from the lead guitar echo throughout the two-year-old venue. They are dressed in very colourful and flamboyant outfits which perfectly match their music.

The Claremonts rush on to the stage where they are greeted with welcome applause. Their Indie bass lines make me think of the Madchester scene and specifically, Happy Mondays. Peach Fuzz is on next and I’m instantly reminded of the first time I saw Blossoms. As their set progresses, they become more and more like a Manc indie-pop band. Their song ‘The Outside Looking In,’ is loved and respected by the crowd. Fever come on with enthusiastic applause and rock anthem guitar riffs. The lead singer’s loud indie vocals. The band give off specific Courteeners and Arctic Monkeys vibes.

They’re definitely a band to watch out for in this coming year. Heavy guitar riffs and recognisable drum beats signal the start of Biines. The drum beats slowly speed up, resulting in a sound, which, given the right venue could turn the restless crowd into a mosh pit.

The crowd waits in anticipation for Saytr Play. Fred, the vibrant lead singer jumps to the stage to the sounds of cheering. Fred has a sprained right ankle, and has just done his other one in whilst dancing to ‘Don’t Go East,’ one of their more powerful tunes. The band invite Jake from The Zangwills up on stage to perform ‘Second-Hand Emotion’ with them. The Zangwills may not have been playing, but they are still a band to watch out for. Saytr Play finishes their set on a high note and leaves the audience in anticipation for Rats.

Rats. Their indie-pop tunes fill the room with noise. Whilst the band tend to have pretty simple bass lines and slower drum beats in comparison to the rest of the night, this doesn’t stop them making an impression and creating an all-round pleasing experience. All in all, this was a night to remember. One day, in the future, when these bands have worldwide fame, you can say, “I was there. I was there at the start.


???? Credit Jon Mo Photography