Quick decision a few days ago to attend tonight off the back of how mental Thumpasaurus’ music videos are, so it’s a short drive over the tops and down into Hebden Bridge to the ever wonderful Trades Club.

Lunch Money Life

Not heard a thing from these before so was going in completely blind and looking at the set up on stage already initially I thought they might have cancelled as the stage is full of gear, not something you expect to see from the support act in a small venue. 

They’re quite an eclectic mix as they walk on stage and I still wasn’t sure what to expect but it all became clear as they started playing. Sounding like the bastard sons of an affair between Bdrmm and Black Midi the sound is as just like their look, eclectic. I’m hearing sounds like anything from 60’s Psychodelica to 16 bit video gaming gaming in there, I swear one of the keyboard samples used was from Batman Returns on the Sega Mega CD (one for the kids there – from the early 90’s…) difficult to place a finger on what they want to accomplish and it’s an unusual sound but highly addictive, will certainly see them again and judging by the now decent crowd by fairly early doors response to what they heard I don’t think I’ll be the only one 


It’s a Wednesday night, the Trades is packed (The night sold out ages ago) so the cat is well and truly out of the bag about this band. Hailing from LA it’s a pleasure for theTrades to host them and boy did they enjoy their welcome, tonight is going to a hot sweaty one.

Just when I thought the crazy band was the support, Thumpasaurus take it to a whole new level, there’s absolutely 100% a massive Prince from the late 80’s early 90’s influence going on, and I’m getting a lot of Morris Day and The Time mixed in with quite a few tracks, not surprisingly as the funk is strong with these boys and Prince and Morris collaborated together too 

If I were to describe them to someone who haven’t heard them before then I’d say think of what would happen if the above mentioned Prince and Electric 6 got together and made a band and They borrowed Mr B from Public Service Broadcasting but didn’t give him the budget for high quality visuals and you’ve got Thumpasaurus. It’s crazy, manic and works brilliantly.

The Trades was literally bouncing, it was hard moving to the beat as the floor was going up and down in response to everyone else trying to do the same and the connection between band and crowd is second to none especially during tracks like Flamingo.

All I can say is if they can do that to a crowd on a Wednesday night in sleepy Hebden Bridge, what the hell are the gigs like in a city on a weekend? Well I for one can’t wait to find out!

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