Tiffany Twisted – Sold My Soul

How often do you hear a track about love and loss start with some stand-alone guitar picking? Pretty often actually, but Tiffany Twisted have got their own attempt at it to open their tune ‘Sold My Soul’. This uplifting rock song is the lead single from the London-based band’s debut EP ‘This is the End’, now in Dolby’s new 3D sound technology (sounds fancy doesn’t it).

The band themselves described it as “a story of loss and heartbreak but also of rebirth, of being in a constant state of change and finding purpose in the strangest, and sometimes darkest, of places”. That certainly is a hefty message to get across in any situation, let alone a song, but I really can hear where the group are coming from in the track.

Soft, easy-going verses draw you in, before the sounds burst into emotion in the chorus. A roller coaster of feelings seems to be what the band are trying to achieve, whilst throwing in some roaring guitar licks too.

Standing out from the crowd in this tune for me would have to be the immense vocals from lead singer Hetti Harper. Her presence commands the song right through to the very end. It also helps that she has a solid musical backing from the band behind her.

However, it’s not just the pressure of writing a decent song that Tiffany Twisted are dealing with. They made the choice to record their EP at Abbey Road Studios. I don’t think I need to explain the history behind the studios, and I think you can realise it means they are following the steps of some of the most famous artists of the last century.

Upon the decision of whether to give this track a listen, know that if you like it then you need not worry about Tiffany Twisted not bringing any more to the table. I say this because the group are currently in the process of making their debut album. I can’t imagine it will be too long before we get some new stuff our way.