Tim Burgess – I Love The New Sky

Tim Burgess’ fifth solo album ‘I Love The New Sky’ is a wonderfully chilled slice of music with a warming homemade quality. Its intimacy makes you feel as if you’re stood by the piano in the room with the Charlatans frontman himself.

Burgess is a prolific producer and champion of new music, now well into his solo career whilst still maintaining a consistent link to his storied Manchester band. ‘I Love The New Sky’ is that mastery in full effect, with Burgess’ elegant arrangements never short of impressive.

There’s plenty of fun and freedom (opening track ‘Empathy For The Devil’ the most obvious example), but also a fair share of introspection and vulnerability in songs like ‘The Warhol Me’ and ‘Timothy’.

The record is very much driven forward by Burgess’ piano, but there are a plethora of brilliant contributions from a whole encyclopaedia full of instruments- providing timeless orchestral majesty and avant-garde synth zaniness in the places they’re needed most.

I Love The New Sky’ is that ideal lazy Sunday soundtrack with its unique calming euphoria, and perfectly reflects the brightness that Tim Burgess seems to dedicate all his time to spreading on the music industry. More power to him.