Tima – Home is Where the Heart Is

LA-based Tima Christina is certainly bringing something new to the music scene with her latest single ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’.  Growing up, Tima was surrounded by musical influences and now, she has used her extensive knowledge to forge her own unique style, from a combination of both darkwave chimes to electronica driven grooves. And with hints of poetry strung talents, this song is a magical maze of lyrical excellence.

Crafted in a way to catch any listener off guard, the first few chords, that are elegantly plucked between the melody, lead you to believe an acoustic ballad is about to be performed.  But upon the entrance of an unexpected key change and percussive beat, you know instantly there is more to this track that meets the eye. Then enters Tima. A sudden array of harrowing vocals greets your ears, as she ghostly, yet harmoniously, croons her words. It’s menacing – sinister even – but intriguing.

Just like any good song, such enthralling vocals need the perfect lyrics and Tima’s poetical influences effortlessly shine through this song – demonstrated in the lush lyricism provided in each utterance.  “We were walking in the woods together, and I knew it wouldn’t be forever.” She sings, adding to the raw and gritty depth in which the song lies upon.

Sometimes it’s hard to describe just how a song makes you feel, but ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ makes it easy. The soulful atmospheric that flows through the spell-binding syncopation is almost anxiety-inducing. Causing your heart to race that little bit faster. And if you close your eyes, it’s as if you’re in the woods with Tima. It’s dark. It’s scary. But you can’t help but want to listen on that little bit further, as you try and solve the mystery that is this song.