Tips for Bands during Isolation

During these strange and difficult times it’s important to be prepared to give the live music scene a big kick up the arse as soon as we make it through the current bout of isolation, but what can bands be doing while we wait it out?

Live streaming – Be different 

It seems that a lot of artists are just clicking live on Facebook without much thought into how it looks, Im really bored of seeing someone perched on the end of their bed playing a crap Adelle cover.

Record it in landscape, your audience will appreciate it.

Think about the setting, at least tidy your room. Set up a little set, theme it up, use a telly with your band graphics / art on in the background, try and stand out and be different, don’t get lost in the noise of all the badly planned live streaming that’s going on at the minute.

Thom from Lottery Winners, Miles Hunt from The Wonder Stuff and Jon McClure from Reverend and the makers have all done some really great Facebook live videos recently, rip them off and add your own twist to it.

Make sure you have the essentials, Guitar strings, plectrums, your guitars are in working order.

I tried to buy some strings recently and there was a long waiting list for them so buy now. SHOP HERE

Make sure your band  has an account in all the major platforms and build an audience.

This is sadly really important, we get a lot of submissions from bands that don’t have accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You should have these accounts as a bare minimum, Tik Tok is a growing social platform so open an account to engage to new fans.

Write, write, write – all members too you might surprise yourself .

Use this downtime to hone your writing skills try new techniques, stretch yourself, you never know it might turn into a classic. All band members should be doing this, be it a new riff or exciting new drum beat. Write, write write!

Build up a digital band cv – Interviews, press, radio portfolio, contact photographers to book in shots.

Magazines are actively looking for new content as we / they have a massive void in their output due to the live scene being on hold, take advantage apply and submit to us HERE

Engage with followers in your socials 

Use this time to engage with the people that are already following, get to know them ,offer competitions for future live shows, find out you demographic and build on it.

Listen to the latest RGM Cutting edge bollocks podcast, we cover all the tips in there and have some cracking tunes too.