Tips for bands – What NOT to do in 2019!

It’s too obvious to do a “best of 2018” post this time of year so I wracked my little brain to come up with something a tad different.

Here are a few things that should be banned in 2019 :-


Acoustic videos recorded in front rooms.

There is nothing more off-putting than scrolling through facebook and having to sieve through several “Performances” recorded to the camera from a front room or a bedroom. I really don’t see what people gain from it.  That awkward moment when they look at the camera to see if its recording then stare at the me through the camera, like this will support their development and credibility as an artist. All it does is gather a few comments from friends and family telling you that it sounds brilliant, it isn’t, its horrible and needs to stop. 

Bands advertising their song on a radio show and suggesting you listen “15 minutes in…” just to hear their song.

You might as well say “Yey I was played on the radio / podcast folks, but don’t listen to the full show, its wank, the only good thing on it is my song” It doesn’t sit well with the people that have taken the time to share your music through their radio/podcast. Advertise the full show and let the people find it, they may stumble across the show first time and really like it and could even find another band they like too.

Social media shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

It is important but needs to be nicely placed in context. It’s a great way to connect with people and build up an audience. But don’t think that’s all you need to do. Social media numbers are too often manufactured and can’t be trusted, It’s far better to keep the human touch, to build deeper relationships with your audience, have fun with it, post the good with the bad too, it shows that you are real. Bands that just share the positive things need more back bone n bollocks. You are in the toughest industry in the world. It’s never going to be easy. Embrace the feedback.

Feedback from friends / family taken with as pinch of salt,  be braver.

Young bands can really get swept up by putting together a string of well attended gigs, their friends and family tell them they are going to make it. That can seep into a young bands ego.

It shouldn’t, it’s nothing more than fake praise. Feedback should be sourced from people in the industry not uncle Dave that’s had a few.

Bands playing Arctic Monkeys covers.

You will never do yourself justice by playing a AM cover! It’s a bad idea.

The music industry being dominated by male voices.

It’s weird to me that there aren’t more female music journalists out there contributing and having their say, at RGM we are always looking to work with new talent, we  are 90% males, that can’t be right can it? So we pledge to re-balance that stat this year, If anyone is interested email Carl at Carl@rgm.press

ALL Band members wearing a Pretty Green logo T-shirt for live shows.

I love wearing a bit of Pretty Green but come on lads, when every band member has a pretty green top on its bit cringe. Have a chat and try and dress as a group not individuals. It looks far more professional.