Toby Burton – All Night Long

A lot of upcoming artists in todays music scene have moved to strong party tracks, or a downbeat dark mood piece. Toby Burton has bucked the trend completely, putting out an incredible ballad that is raw as music comes. 

With a sound that distils a style down to its very core, All Night Long doesn’t use anything beyond acoustic instruments, minimalistic mixing, and Toby’s fantastic vocals. 

Mixing in gentle piano keys, soft drumbeats and a guitar performance that could lull someone off to sleep with incredible ease. It’s in the simplicity where All Night Long finds its beauty, and this extends to the lyrics. 

Lyrically, the track is a love story plain and simple, one that’s wholesome and full of very gentle imagery that puts the mind at ease. The crux of the track being that the couple just wants to stay enjoying each others company all night long. 

It’s hard to express how fresh yet familiar the song feels, whereas some ballads are held with very fond memories by people young and old, others are reviled for their oversaturation of sweetness. All Night Long airs on the side of the former, never straying into soppy territory that would make it laughable and overly saccharine. 

It’s heartfelt and genuine, and Toby’s vocal performance is what sells it above all else, making for a surprisingly fresh take on a classic song style.