Toby Burton – Lost & Found

An indie songwriter needs to grab you in with an emotive language to their story, Toby Burton sure does that on his latest single “Lost & Found”. Capturing audiences left, right and centre, the heartfelt lyrics that he exclaims soars with love. Over the years, Toby’s released music for everyone that ever needs to just listen to an artist tell their tale. With his second EP “Fall Into You” gaining recognition on large independent playlists and reviews on media outlets, our physic powers are saying that Toby is destined for pure greatness.

Approaching the new single in his comfortable style, “Lost and Found” follows in the footsteps of its ancestors. Warming itself and wrapped up in a spacious reverb, the haunting guitar that sits behind the mix will fly you into another atmosphere of hope. An interesting amount of percussion finds its way as the track progresses into the chorus and my goodness, it excels the track into tomorrow.

Toby already had sensational songs in his discography, but taking the production to the next level was the best move he’s made yet. There’s not one bad thing to say about this number and that’s because it’s a refreshing original that illuminates an artist simply at peace with his sound. An incredible journey from start to finish.