Tom Masters – Separate Ways

Acoustic pop, laid back indie and chilled alternative are just a few ways to describe Barnsley’s own Tom Masters. It’s hard to describe exactly what genre to place the man himself in, but recent single Separate Ways cements his position at the forefront of the very best Barnsley has to offer.

Just like debut single Breakthrough ( which was only released in March and has already racked up over 38,000 streams on spotify) it doesn’t take long to become instantly hooked. Separate Ways tells the distinct story of a broken down relationship which has come to an unsurprising halt and forced to go down different paths. 

‘All your feeling right now is your broken heart/Maybe we should see this as a brand new start’ are words which i’m sure we have all felt but have timidly never been able to express. ‘Go our separate ways/as we seek out better days’ are again lyrics which have never been more true. Do you stay in the relationship for the sake of avoiding confrontation or say something soon before the untimely end?Tom’s lyrical voyage through love and loss are unbelievably relatable, there is no better story to be told than one that has been told with past experiences and pure conviction.

Musically the song is stolen by Tom’s rich vocals. The vocal range is absolutely flawless, it also brings much more dynamic to parts where musically it is softer. The acoustic guitars sit nicely and apparent but not over indulgent, this leaves room for Tom’s zestful vocals. The backbeat along with the simplistic bass let the song flow seamlessly without taking anything away from the vocals/guitars that are so vivid in the front of the mix. Everything gels well together and blends like it should, subtle but outstanding.

Separate Ways is destined to become a fan favourite as well as a radio friendly break up anthem.