Tom Saint – Till I Crash

London-based artist Tom Saint is back with an exhilarating first single of the year ‘Till I Crash‘. Entirely mainstream and something that could sell easily in the current music charts, ‘Till I Crash’ leaves fans craving parties even more.

Walking side by side with a polished, over the top production that refuses to be something you get disinterested in after a minute, Tom Saint’s new single is something to stick on when gearing up for a night on the town, obviously when the world is back to ‘normal’ (what even is normal anymore?)

Teaming up with D•LINGS for this collaboration single, the bass-heavy number reminisces night outs before lockdown and yearns for better days. Inspired by happy times, ‘Till I Crash’ certainly brings optimism back to our lives. Detailing an excessive evening on the ‘sesh’ – the thunderous production is entirely out of this world.

Reflecting the twists and turns of feeling on top of the world and then alcohol taking it’s toll and you ‘crash’, the exceptional new single is fuelled with electronic elements and even emo-rap sensibilities.

Creating an organic sound that can’t be compared to anyone else out there at the moment.