Too Many Leaders – Shy Lips

Entering with a rhythmic vocal chant before blossoming into a prominently acoustic, indie-pop number, ‘Shy Lips‘ may take a few listens to fully understand. Too Many Leaders is a New York-based solo project, and the mind behind the pseudonym is bass-player, Zoltan. Recorded with Noble Thomas of Black Line Sounds in Harlem, New York, ‘Shy Lips‘ is Too Many Leader’s second single to date.

Vocally a bit here, there and everywhere, it’s not that Zoltan can’t sing, it’s more than the vocals don’t have a consistent rhythm to them. Telling the story of young lust and love, the new single is relatable in places but mainly, hard to get the gist of on the first listen. Worthy of sticking on a few times to get the basic arrangement, Too Many Leaders deserves a chance for sure.

About the confusion that comes with dating when you are young, the way that Too Many Leaders portrays this hectic situation through music is perfect. Confusing and feeling like your head is all over the place, maybe that’s why the vocals aren’t fixed as such. Detailing that you can be happy on your own, the track also refers that having someone to love is also golden.

Musically, the acoustic number is just under 3 minutes long. The drums were done virtually by Luke Markham, and guitar parts from Zoltan’s friend Aiden Copeland. Mellow vibes that are coated with summer elements, it’s like Finley Quaye jammed with Paolo Nutini while they were both going through heartache.