Tool embrace the digital age and so should their fans

In a highly controversial move, the band Tool have re-released their entire back catalogue onto major music streaming sites.

Not only is this dubious because of the bands previous claims of being against streaming, but to re-release their back catalogue just a few weeks before their next album has some fans thinking this was tactical marketing. With some saying this is a sign that Tool have “sold out”. However, many fans are split on this with some seeing this as a genius idea.

Perhaps this is just Tool adapting to the digital age, realizing they can’t outrun streaming forever and in the process gaining new fans and a further reach than ever before. After all, the music industry is a very different playing-field to when Tool released their last album 10,000 days over ten years ago. 

Musicians, artists and bands don’t make a living the same way they used to so why shouldn’t Tool adapt to this? 

Alternatively, this has left some to feel confused about the way they feel about Tool. Especially after they were originally against streaming. As well as this, Tool have been heralded in the past for their physical CD products and how unique they were to other CD’s being produced at the time. Will we ever see another Tool CD again?

Regardless of what people think Tool have dominated streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple music with over 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. On top of this, their 6 most popular songs all have over a million plays each. I think it’s fair to say there is more hype for Tool than ever before.

Their newest album “Fear Inoculum” is available to pre-order now.

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