LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 31: Steve Angello performs headlining the main stage at the end of Day 2 of We Are FSTVL at Damyns Hall, Upminster on May 31, 2015 in London, United Kingdom (Photo by Ollie Millington/Redferns via Getty Images)

Top 10 Festivals in 2021

There’s no place on this earth where you can let your hair down as much as you can at festivals. You can act the goat, be a prick, and still be classed as normal on the most part. All the man bags and boob glitter in the world will never stop me from going to festivals – and I have vowed to never say ‘I’m getting too old for this’. I thought it was a great idea to reflect on past festivals, and curate a top ten (in my very own humble opinion) to look forward to in the year of 2021. This is all assuming that we wont still be cooped up in lockdown, but I’m definitely one for speaking things into existence. So here we go:

10. Blue Dot

Whilst I have never been to Blue Dot, it excites me and intrigues me every year. Branding itself as 4 days of music, science and cosmic culture, Blue Dot carries itself as a concept festival – based on astrology, the stars and other other-worldly things that are very much real. This is a bucket list gig, and I cant wait to see what they have set in the stars for 2021.

9. Boomtown

Boomtown is full of the greats, but I doubt anyone who goes there attends just for the music. This place is an actual village (or more like a city given the size), with amazing areas such as ‘Town Centre’, ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Dis-Order Valley’. Grab your wellies and put on your craziest outfit, because this one is going to be mega.

8. Glastonbury

I would have put this higher in the list, as it is pretty iconic (and by pretty, I mean the most), but I guess I’m just feeling a little bit bitter at not managing to bag tickets for the 50th anniversary. I mean, how could I have been so unlucky? Nevertheless, Glastonbury is the mother of all festivals, the Mount Olympus of crazy. This is on everyone’s bucket list, and those who attend come back a different person… with a bad case of PGD (Post Gig Depression. I’m sure you can relate). This probably very obviously makes the top spot, but we’ve gotta give others a bit of a chance, you know?

7. Lovebox

Lovebox looks amazing every year! They somehow manage to book the best artists time and time again to create the best lineups of the year. Anderson Paak., Peggy Gou, Disclosure – this one is great for those wanting a bit of a groove, and a good dance.

6. Boardmasters

Look one way and you are met with fields and fields of green and close by campers, look the other way and you are met with the ocean. What better setting? The beautiful Boardmasters is a great festival with an always eclectic line-up. Oh, and a great surfing show. Although, I can’t imagine many festival punters make the surfing trip – I wouldn’t exactly like to see people surfing whilst they’re all completely off their faces (but I guess it could be quite comical).

5. SoundCity

A festival and a music conference rolled into one; this one is for those who want to strive within the music industry, but enjoy a nice pint or two watching new and ready artists. When I attended last year, I must say that I felt like I could justify my attendance by doing ‘work’ whilst I was there.
Or at least that’s what I told everyone.


The only reason this isn’t in the top three is because there are no campsites. A purely day fest, situated in the middle of Glasgow, TRNSMT is the best indie festival anyone could ask for. I can’t really speak much for this one, though. Much to my mate’s detest, I may have drunk a bit too much for this one. And in doing so, completely missed Arctic Monkeys’ entire set. All I have to prove I went is a very blurry zoomed in picture of Alex Turner, and my ticket stub. I must have had fun.

3. Leeds (not Reading)

LEEDS! You what, you what? My all time favourite place. Do I go for just the music? No, I go for the atmosphere, the people, and the camp stages. Relentless, Piccadilly Party, Anachronica, the DJ Camps. All of this is what makes Leeds the superior to Reading (and the fact that it is the Northern sister to its more Southern counterpart, naturally). I go year after year, and come back with a brain so mashed that I wonder if it really was worth nearly losing my phone, spending all my money, shitting in literal holes in the ground. The answer is ‘Yes,’ every time.

2. Lost Village

A groovy place, completely separate from the real world. Amazing set ups and funky lineups, I will be making the trek to Lincolnshire for 2021. Honey Dijon, Floating Points, Bombay Bicycle Club and the like (or not so like) go here, and there’s nothing better than the sun shining on a lost world where you can leave your fears and worries for four days.

1. Beatherder

No other festival deserves the top spot. No-where. And if you tried, you wouldn’t even come close. Most of the artists who make the lineup here aren’t exactly at the forefront of popular music (but you still get some greats!), but that’s what I love the most – other than the people, the weird and wacky stages, the dressing up, the fireworks displays, the music in general. The list goes on. You could be in Toil Trees, (a gorgeous outside stage situated in a forest), wander into a raving church, be jumping on top of cars at a garage, and be making your way round through underground tunnels all in the same breath. This festival – no, experience – is like no other, and it absolutely thrives based on this fact. I have attended for the past five years, and will be attending for the next five years, and the next five after that. Watch this video below to see yourself: