Top 10 Gigs That Didn’t Happen in 2020

Let’s face it; 2020 sucked. All we will remember of the year musically is all the shows we missed. Forget the fact we had 3 months of great gigs, it’s all about the concerts that we missed out on. So, in no particular order are the tours we are gutted didn’t happen. (Yes, we realise your list may be different, but you didn’t write it did you?) In no particular order:


We were really looking forward to the return of Ron and Russell Mael, particularly since the latest album A Steady Drip Drip Drip is so damn good. While we may have to wait a little longer before the brothers get in the swing again, we know it’ll be worth it.


The hard rocking German pyromaniacs were due to set alight to stadiums in 2020, but it was not to be. The three UK shows sold out, proving that their legendary flame-filled stage show can pull the punters. It does lead us to wonder how many of those with tickets know more than a couple of songs.

The Black Crowes

It’s been many years since the brothers Robinson have graced our shores as The Black Crowes. The motivation behind getting back together and the fact that the tour would see them playing their debut album Shake Your Moneymaker in full might not sit right with the fans who are used to never knowing what they will here next when they see they live, but there’s no way we could miss grooving down with one of the greatest live bands ever.

Mercury Machine

A triumphant show to celebrate the release of the excellent EP Ascend was nixed by the dreaded COVID, leaving us waiting longer to get another show from the dark electro rockers.

The Lottery Winners

The Leigh-based fun-loving Lottery Winners finally released their long awaited debut album in 2020, right at the start of the global pandemic. With touring plans postponed, the four-piece had to keep themselves and us fans entertained by organising online acoustic sessions and even their own TV show (which returned for its second season during lockdown two). Not only that, they managed to release another LP full of the cover songs they performed during the streams.  

The Slow Readers Club

Another band who were due out on tour to support their just-released album The Joy of the Return. The first dates were due to take place the week the lockdown was imposed, meaning plenty of upset fans and a no-doubt frustrated band. They also found doing online streams helpful to keep the momentum of their fourth LP going (it leapt into the official Top 40 albums at no 9!). The Slow Readers Club also managed to release another album recorded in during the pandemic, 91 Days in Isolation. One things for sure, when the rescheduled shows happen, both fans and band will be celebrating the joy of the return.

Ist Ist

The dark, brooding sound of Ist Ist has matured over the past few years, and they too fell victim of COVID when their debut LP was released at the start of lockdown. We might have to wait for the tour – including a date at Manchester Academy 2, which would be their biggest hometown headline to date – but we can guarantee it will be worth it.  

Millie Manders and the Shut Up

We’re sensing a theme here. Another eagerly awaited debut, which managed to get release towards the end of the first lockdown, well and truly put Mille Manders and the Shut Up on the rock map. Album launch shows had to be scrapped and we await a chance to catch the band in all their glory soon.

Bang Bang Romeo

Following a support slot with Pink that took them all over the place, Bang Bang Romeo were set to rip the UK a new one. We have no doubt that when the tour is allowed to happen, they’ll have a pent-up energy that will take them to the heights they deserve.


Yeah, we know it’s a corporate bash that is mainly famous with the general public because of the TV broadcasts that highlight the sea of flags. However, the fringe stages allow a hell of a lot of smaller bands to find new audiences and it’s a prestige name to have on their tour dates, so we won’t begrudge them that.

We want to know what show you were most gutted at missing. Let us know on our socials!

???? Cover pic Credit – Paul Husband