Top 10 UK Bands / Artists That Could Lift Off At Any Moment

There’s something amazing about watching artists rise in the music scene. An element of fairytale lies in the story of following the path from hometown venues to playing the big stages.

Discovering up and coming artists is one of the most exciting ways to find new music. Here’s a list of 10 artists and bands who we reckon are on their way up. You never know, one of them might just be your next favourite.

  1. Delilah Bon

With a tenacious attitude and fierce sound, Delilah Bon (aka Lauren Tate) is one to watch out for. Having already garnered over 100,000 followers on TikTok, it’s fairly obvious that a lot of people like her style. She seems to be making waves in the online world and, after her self-titled debut album being released back in May, things could really start to go her way.

  1. Andrew Cushin

Andrew Cushin is a geordie singer-songwriter with heaps of talent. He has even received acknowledgment from famed Mancunian himself, Noel Gallagher. Only 20 years old, if Andrew can keep working hard then he has a bright future ahead of him.

  1. Broke Casino

An exciting Manchester indie band, Broke Casino are a bright and bouncing group who know how to write a decent catchy tune. Having just signed a record deal with 42s Records, and getting plenty of praise from people across the music scene, Broke Casino have a lot of momentum behind them and will hope to take it far.

  1. Coach Party

This Isle Of Wight band have garnered a fair bit of attention over the last year or so. Following numerous EPs, their guitar-driven sound and quirky lyrics have earned them a headline tour across all the UK in over autumn of 2021. Coach Party is a band that, if you get the opportunity to seem, you should not waste it.

  1. Venus Grrrls

Venus Grrrls are an explosive band from Leeds who do not hold back in their music. They perform with energy and power that make for an immense live sound. Having performed with big names such as All Time Low and Bloxx, I can’t imagine it will be too long before it becomes much harder to not hear their name.

  1. The Crooks

A five-piece band that use catchy chord progressions and funky basslines to create perfect festival tunes, The Crooks will be looking to take advantage of what will hopefully be a booming festival season. Following their recent new single ‘I Wonder’, The Crooks will be hoping to gain many new fans over the summer to get them along to their UK gigs later this year.

  1. Courting

These Liverpool indie rockers have been making big strides over the last. With their chaotic sound similar to the likes of Sports Team, who certainly have done well out of it (being nominated for the Mercury Prize), their debut EP ‘Grand National’ is a storm of excitement and entertainment that will hopefully lead on to even bigger things for the group.

  1. The Battery Farm

The Battery Farm are an immense punk force from Manchester that have been picking up the pace on their chaotic musical path. With their fresh new EP ‘When The Whip Goes Crack’ just out, and a whole host of summer gigs lined up, you better watch out for this Manc band.

  1. The Night Café

Liverpool group The Night Café are arguably another lot who have already begun their ascent in the music world. They’ve been a prominent name in the indie scene for a while, with their debut album ‘0151’ being released in 2019. With some big hits under their belt, most notably their hit song ‘Addicted’, the group will want to continue their rise to selling out bigger venues and performing on bigger stages.

  1. Harry Heart

A final one to round off this list, Harry Heart is a Manchester-based artist that has an incredible heart and soul to his work. His often tortured vocals make you want to give him a big hug. It it clear that he has talent, and has already been recognised on BBC Introducing’s Hot List and made his debut on BBC Radio 6 Music. He may be in the early stages of his musical career, but I think he has a lot ahead of him.

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