Top Wrestling stars come to Liverpool For The Love Of Wrestling!

On Saturday we headed to Liverpool to visit a convention. Normally these ‘cons’ have fans of many interests, and different genres of comics, movies, and tv shows are on show.

This con however was purely based on Wrestling. We went as first timers to see what all the buzz was about.

The convention was run by Monopoly Events, who appear to do different “For The Love Of…” events, one that I noticed being “For The Love Of Horror”. The idea is clever because it splits the fans up and becomes a much more concentrated environment, and of course gives them the opportunity to charge more than once if for example you were a fan of wrestling and horror. 

When we entered we were greeted by a huge warehouse with booths and lots of queues, and a wrestling ring. The first thing we saw was Ric Flair doing a Q&A which was very cool. I think I speak for many fans when I say that I could listen to Ric talk for hours, he’s forgotten more than most know. The rest of the convention was filled with booths around different themes. There were photo opportunities, chances to buy cool merch and some were more exhibition based, rather showing off a collection, like “EHWOB”, who have one of the biggest collections of wrestling belts in the world. Some of their belts are so rare that they have been loaned out to wrestlers who once won them for showcases or interviews they are doing. In one particular case Shawn Michaels wanted an exact replica of the belt he won in the 90’s for an inside the ropes event but could only get ones with the WWE logo on rather than WWF, detail is everything right?! The guys at EHWOB had one for him to borrow. 

The biggest point of the entire convention was to meet wrestlers old and new. To name a few, Scott Hall and Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, Chris Jericho and Pete Dunne. Even ‘Wrestling Superstar’ Virgil was around. 

The queues spanned wide for people like Bret, but the biggest queue by far was for The Undertaker. It was supposedly his last independent appearance, so fans were clamouring to make sure they got the chance to meet The Phenom.

The event itself was great fun, it was nice to see the faces you grew up loving in person, and it was fun to be around other fans where, not typically being a wrestling fan, you can really mark out and not have to worry about what anyone else might be thinking. 

If the event rolls around again check it out. It’s a good day out and there is lots to see. Some of the exhibitions are great to see 

You can check the organisers out at www.monopolyevents.co.uk, and you can find us @thelightspod on Twitter, and listen to our weekly wrestling podcast on Spotify or iTunes!