Toria Wooff – June

A majestic new single from Manchester folk singer and winner of the 2021 RGM Solo Artist Cup, Toria Wooff.

Minimalist to the extreme, Wooff’s magnificent tones sit atop a hum of steel peddle guitar and organ as she goes about her business of storytelling so effortlessly, yet so elegant.

Coming off the back of previous single Drako which was released earlier this year, she has maintained an awe-inspiring level of quality throughout her career so far. Having also dipped her toes into the world of painting and poetry previously, its little surprise just how much soul she pours into this art, and the outcome is staggering in its beauty.

Her sound, particularly on this track, has a distinctive ‘70s inspired feel to it. Putting so much emphasis on her voice by having little else happening there is real pressure on her to carry the track along, but she passes all tests with flying colours.

The most impressive element of Wooff’s music is how tender and immersive whilst still portraying a real and undeniable sense of power, down solely to the incredible voice she possesses. This is, in short, an absolutely wonderful release which you deserve to hear and enjoy.

She has three more singles lined up for this year, and judging from her track record, you can’t imagine them being anything other than the highest quality, and we cannot wait to hear more.