Toronto Blessings : Asleep

Toronto Blessings are the trio that you didn’t know you needed in your life until now. Residing in Barnsley, the noise rock outfit combine elements of post-punk with a cutting edge feel of alternative rock. Gaining support from BBC Radio 6 legend Tom Robinson, the three-piece are finally getting a wider recognition, which they deserve massively. With themes in their music being of the current state of the UK, their gritting sound creates a powerful wall of attitude. Fierce and refusing to be ignored, the EP drops October 11th. 

‘Hopes//Dreams’ feels like a protest for people that are blindly walking into traps. An alternative sound of ignorance summits the air with a desire to rock. Sinister and slightly disorientated from the ‘real world’, the track kicks the EP off with what feels like revenge. ‘UvU‘ may feel slightly more livelier than the past number, but it’s theme tells a dark story. Channeling anxious thoughts into the track, the lyrics exclaims the feeling of depression. Feeling trapped and not wanting to tell anyone, the suffering is doom and gloom. An important track that explains that you must always tell close ones that you’re suffering, because you’re never alone. 

A previously unheard track unleashes itself into the wild. ‘Good News Everybody’ meets heavy grunge. Pulsating it’s way through with hard hitting vocals, the newbie track ignites another string to the band’s bow. A strong number that bathes in post-punk. ‘Survival Techniques’ has a modernised twist to it’s core. Coated in an electronic synth in the verses, the metal based chorus screech in with confidence. ‘Invasions’ may still feature aggressive vocals, but it’s arrangement is tame. Holding back the inner beast, the  number is a lot calmer and showcases the band turning it down. 

No Falling…’ plays a step in stone on the EP. Just over a minute, the track is filled with white noise that may leave you feeling tense or left wanting more. Last track on the EP, title track ‘Asleep’lingers with memorable lyrics and an infectious structure. Just under 6 minutes, the track landslides the EP to a close. Leaving fans wanting more with their fierce attitude, Toronto Blessings are ones to watch. They could even well be the next IDLES…