ToyGirl : Reign

Reign opens with a familiar synth and organ sound, prompting me to try and figure out where I’ve heard that particular sound before – and what it’s reminding me of. I stare at the wall for 10 minutes. Nowt. But it’s lovely.

Tastefully chosen reverbs and delays are applied to a slightly slurred and charismatic vocal to satisfying effect. The vocalist here is articulate, but there isn’t any over-indulgence – and her tone is unique and recognisable. The delivery serves the song and the band, and the rough edges offset the polished instrumental performances, ensuring they don’t sound too much like music students at an open mic.

Lyrics are well formed and unpretentious – until the end of Reign when the lyrics switch to French with a lo-fi vocal effect. This plays out as a little bit cheesy, nevertheless I enjoy listening to people sing in French because it makes me feel clever. The song then pauses and reprises as it might at a live performance and I can see this working well live.

Toygirl understand traditional structure and form of songwriting, and they use this well here, never stepping on each others’ toes. This makes Reign a sum of it’s parts –  Fender-clean, jazzy blues licks dart about, playing off and complimenting vocal and drum lines. A well rounded and considered song that deserves a few listens.